Attack of the Memes

Today is not the first  day that I’ve posted an original  meme -that was probably  about  a week ago.  I didn’t continue the practice, though, because the choices of picture are kind of boring  – I’m  really tired of the “One does not simply….” guy.  Also, I think the value of these things to serious debate is somewhat less than even twitter…somewhere down  around bumper sticker or T-shirt level.


But then today I saw somebody do a Bernie Sanders one with  the line at the bottom “Crazy Bernie” and I thought THAT is a great catch phrase.  Because Donald Trump used it as a slur, if we embrace it, it’s great  It blows up in Trump’s face, it’s a good way to enumerate the good points about Bernie and not just in one long, boring rant, which I  usually do, and Hillary Clinton definitely cannot use it.  Trump’s name for her is Crooked Hillary.  Crazy can have positive complication.  We say that about our friends.  Crooked has no positive implications at all.

safe_image.php 2

Also, I  realized we can  upload and use  any photo we like.  So, I intend  to post 2  or 3 of these  a day, every day.  But I might still rant on a bit in the comments section as well.  It’s not exclusive.


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