Brain Enhancement

Just watched an episode of ‘Through the Wormhole’ with Morgan Freeman.  An interesting thing about that  is  this:  since I’m not  actually a scientist myself,  Morgan Freeman’s voice carries the same  level of authority with  me as does Neil deGrasse Tyson or Michio Kaku, even though I know  he  is only an actor and they are actually scientists.
This isn’t  a terribly dangerous thing because Morgan Freeman (who is probably a reasonably intelligent guy, I’m not dissing Morgan Freeman) is reading from a script,  and the shows writers probably do have  serious scientists  among them.

The phenomenon manifests itself in other ways as well,  though.  For instance, somebody who is stupider than Donald Trump (Yes, they exist) has  no way of knowing who is smarter, Donald Trump or a bag of poop, because they both seem smart to them.
But, I digress.  The theme of the program was the brain, autism, monosavants, stuff like that.  They were hooking up electrodes  to peoples heads to stimulate certain parts of the  brain  to see if they could enhance creativity.  They could.

They talked  a bit about how this could be applied.  Maybe people could learn faster, and get better grades in school,for instance,  or learn how to play a musical instrument without years of practice.

I felt they were missing the point.  Why not hook this thinking cap device up to a bunch of scientists, engineers, college students  and science fiction fans, a few thousand of them, and start  brainstorming about how to get clean  water to everybody on Earth, or how to build a space elevator, or how to stop  global warming?  How about adding a control group who are microdosing on LSD?  What the hell, throw  it all  into the mix.

Of course, having  intelligent solutions to our  problems is only have the battle.  Getting the great ideas implemented, within our  current system which is ruled  by short term greed and pig ignorance, will be the hard part.  But having  great ideas would be a good start.  You can’t have too many good ideas.


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