Typos and Telescopes

This morning I had occasion to look at my blog, because I was trying to figure out which of my poems haven’t been in a book yet, but I got distracted with the daily blog part, scrolling back through.
I don’t know if I’m improving as a writer at all, but I don’t think it’s getting any worse, either.  The quality of the blog has been very consistent since I started it, years ago.  One thing I did notice, though, and this is a direct result of my very negative habit of waiting until midnight or so to pick a topic and write: typos.

This would not be such a problem except that I am such a grammar nazi when reading what other people have written, so it’s a bit embarrassing and makes me look a bit like a hypocrite.  At one point I wrote ‘have’ when it should have been ‘half.’  Of course, there are different types of typos.  I’ve noticed lately that very often when I type ‘an’ it comes out ‘and.’  That’s just force of habit and an overly responsive keyboard.

Those who write ‘loose’ when they mean ‘lose’ and ‘could of’ when they mean ‘could have’ will still be reprimanded.


I see on the news that China is going to build the world’s largest radio telescope, bigger than Arecibo.  That is great.  I do not  care whether the Chinese, the Russians or Brazilians are the first to make contact with aliens.  I just want it to happen soon, and the more telescopes we have searching, the better off we’ll be.


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