RIP Hodor

I didn’t see the beginning of series 6 of Game of Thrones, although I’m sure it’s on some channel here  because  a lot of my students watched it.  They were polite enough to ask if  I actually  wanted spoilers before they spilled the beans.  RIP, Hodor.  I never really knew ya.

Really.  I know the series only through the books, and I’ve never  seen more than 10 minutes of it on TV.  That’s probably something I should remedy, but it means my view of certain characters is different from those who’ve primarily got their view from TV.  You must admit, Hodor did not have a lot of great dialogue.

But, he was one of the very  few characters in  the book who were totally, uncomplicatedly, good, and I guess that’s the same on TV.

It was a pretty  uncomplicated day.  This evening we had Robby Bubble (children’s champagne0 with dinner.  It’s essentially a sparkling apple juice but the plastic cork pops off and hits the ceiling and we get the fancy glasses out and clink glasses and make a toast, and we were celebrating Isabel’s  last visit to the speech therapist.


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