Back to the Damned E-Mails Again

When Bernie Sanders said, in the very first debate I believe it was, “everybody’s sick and tired of hearing about your damned e-mails” I thought that was both chivalrous and reasonable.  The e-mails and all the squawking about  Ben Ghazi, I figured, were just right wing attack points.(that’s all Ben Ghazi is, for sure.  She did nothing  inappropriate in that case)

crooked hillary


But then a report  was issued today by the State Departments Office of the Inspector General (sort of like the Internal Affairs division of a police department, as I understand it) that said, “Oh, hell yeah, she broke the law.”
Mind you, they didn’t actually say they were charging her with a crime, which  is still a long trial away from convincing Hillary Clinton to drop out  of the race.  She is so determined to be president, she’d keep on campaigning if she was dead.

I loved the defense made by her campaign spokesman.  I paraphrase, but the idea was “Previous Secretaries of State have done it, too.”  Wonderful.  She’s saying she’s no more unethical than Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice.  Not exactly  the best choice for the Democratic nominee.

I would have preferred to beat her because of her support for war, and fracking, and private prisons, and her obvious corruption, but I’ll take this.  It is now suddenly a very real argument against her, and I hope Democrats in New Jersey, Puerto Rico, DC, New Mexico, the Dakotas and, of course, California, are paying attention.


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