Summer Time

As we move deeper and deeper into summer, I will have more and more days like today, with basically nothing to do.
Before I took Isabel to school today, I made a list of things to do, putting lots of little, easy to accomplish and routine tasks on it such as ‘feed the rabbit’ and ‘take out the garbage and recyclables’ so that way I knew I would get some things done and have some satisfying check marks on the list by the end of the day.

And, it worked.  Didn’t get much of the important stuff accomplished, though.  I’ve started reading homeland by Corey Doctorow, an author a friend recommended to me.  As a wannabe writer I find it a bit frustrating that I cannot quite put my finger on what makes a good writer, but this Corey  Doctorow guy is definitely one.  The story moves on, and each sentence, each scene, flows into the next one and you want to keep on reading.

So, when I went to pick up Isabel at 1:30 and she asked if she could stay and play in the park with her friends for a couple of hours I  wasn’t bothered at taking the Metro home, having about 45 minutes there and then taking the Metro back, because I had a book to read.

Sam got home from his school trip at about 6 so everybody is at home all together at the same time, at least for a couple of days, so that’s nice.  He gets his report card tomorrow, which might not be so nice.  We will see.


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