Morning Blog Supplemental

This is not to replace my regular once every 24 hours blog, I’ll write another tonight, but I wanted to write this down and didn’t know where else to park it.  I have often thought that maybe I should write multiple  blog entries per day and drop the 250 word minimum, but this is not that, this is just random.

I like smoking marijuana,  I like it a lot, and feel the benefits so far outweigh the negatives that I imagine I will be a pothead until the end of  my days, but there are times when I run out at a moment when I am financially a bit short, and so there will be gaps of a few days, or a few weeks, before I can resupply.  I am in one of those valley periods now, Day 3 to be specific.
There is one positive aspect of NOT smoking pot which I’ve noticed, which is that I remember my dreams better, and that’s what this is about.


The last dream I had before waking up, I was pulling a couple  of weeds out of a dirt bed, a narrow bed, like right in front of a house, and the roots were quite deep and one of them shrieked as I yanked it from the ground and I woke up.  Before that, I had been on a bus, but I was a woman.  I was a woman who looked a lot like  Sigourney Weaver, in fact, I guess it was a dream about Sigourney Weaver except in dreams, we play all the characters, and it was definitely me inside Sigourney’s  head, which I never thought of now until writing this but that would  make me like the Alien character in Alien, and I  was bitching about where they’d placed the  bus stop, far, far beyond where I needed to go so I had to walk back.  Before that, there were two houses, and  I  was very  surprised to see that the person in the other house had exactly the same name as me, but it wasn’t my name, the name was a 3 part name and the middle name was more like a last name and it was unusual enough that two people, across the street from each other, was almost an impossible coincidence and after I woke up I started realizing all the implications and combinations and possibilities for multilingual puns, super cops, ancient greeks and “miracle mouse” for whatever that’s worth and before that I was a soldier trudging through a swamp until Helena approached me and I thought “what is she  doing here when I am not even me?”  so I started walking like a zombie to be funny and suddenly I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt which was flapping in the breeze and laughing because I just think I’m the funniest damn guy in the world, but how that led to the two houses, and how the two houses led to the overreaching bus, or how the bus led to the stubborn  weeds, I have no idea.  No idea at all.


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