It’s Not Hard to Understand, Robert Reich

Let me begin by saying that I like, and admire Robert Reich.  He’s a brilliant economist, a great communicator, and seems to be a nice guy.

robert reich

Robert Reich

But today he wrote this:

I don’t get how Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump can be deadlocked (according to a new national poll of registered voters released this morning), with 42 percent supporting her and 40 percent backing him.

This frankly worries me. Trump hasn’t put up a single television ad, his campaign is in shambles, he has almost no field staff, he’s spent almost zilch and his campaign bank is nearly empty, and he’s been getting nothing but horrible press. Hillary Clinton has been blanketing swing states with ads, her campaign is being run like clockwork and it’s huge, and she’s pulling in and spending money like mad.

More to the point, Trump is a bigoted petulant egomaniac with the temperament of a hyena. She’s experienced, competent, and intelligent.

What’s going on?

I think Robert Reich is being a bit disingenuous.  What’s going in is that people really hate Hillary Clinton.

She started this campaign, over a year ago now, with 100% name recognition.  She had lots of big money donors on her side, all the professional politicians, and the media, because they love money, too.  She’s been spending money on advertising right along, and I doubt if she’s gained a single convert.  Certainly fewer than she’s lost.

She could blanket the airwaves 24/7 with her ads, it would not make a difference.  The only arguments she can give for voting for her are bad ones.  “Anybody who criticizes me just hates women.” “My lies aren’t really that bad.”  “If you don’t vote for me, you’ll get Donald Trump.”

These arguments aren’t convincing anybody.  That’s what’s going on.


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