After Isabel finished her tennis lesson, we were eating  some cherries right off the tree there, and  she pointed  out that this is the season of red fruit; cherries, strawberries and red currents are all ripe right about now.  Perhaps that is why June, in Czech, is Červen, which means red.
It was her last tennis  lesson for the season, and today was the last day  of school.  Sam’s report card was better than last year, but still not great.  I was pleased that he got a 1 in  IT, but he got a 2 in English, which is pure laziness.  It was mostly a mix of twos and threes, with just two ones and one four (physics).  Isabel had two twos and the rest ones, so  I’m pretty  happy about that.

Tonight, we went to an outdoor film.  It’s walking  distance, by the park, and tickets are normally much  cheaper than at normal  cinemas, so it’s a great deal.  Tonight it was free, for some reason.

It was a French film, targeted at children but not a cartoon, about a boy in  a small village and his rather huge dog, Belle.  It was called Belle and Sebastian (2).  Basically, it was Lassie, but in Switzerland, in 1945.  Not a great film, by any  stretch of the  imagination, but some  real pretty  scenery.


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