I loved that  movie.  Sure, it was kind of a suspension of disbelief, action-adventure copraganda film, but there was lots of action, a believable sci-fi premise, and lots of zingers.



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, so I might not be remembering this accurately, but one  of my favorite scenes is when the crooked chief of police, or maybe it was the crooked mayor, fired him.  That immediately released him from his oath of office and he said “Thank you,” grabbed the guy and threw him out of a window.  Very satisfying.

So, while wondering what to think about the fact that police killed the sniper yesterday by sending in Robbie the Robot with a bomb, that’s the scene that springs to mind.  Using robots to do police work may backfire on the police.  If they are designed and programmed well, i.e. to truly protect and serve the public, it will inevitably lead to problems for bad, or even inefficient cops.

It may not be long before robots take over most police work.  Already, a lot of traffic violations are caught by cameras, and police cameras are a sort of a robot.  They could be programmed to direct traffic very easily.

Once they are built, they don’t actually need to be paid, so municipalities could not only save a bundle, they could put as many androids out there walking a beat as they need to.  They don’t need to kill anybody.  They just need to take pictures, occasionally stop a suspicious looking character and ask for ID, which they could be programmed to do very politely, and they would never violate their programming, and maybe even apprehend a fleeing person now and then.  They wouldn’t need guns.  They could have telescopic arms 20 feet long, with a rubber grabber claw at the end.
They could definitely serve as prison guards.

The problem, of course, is what would happen to all the people who want to be cops and are suddenly denied that opportunity.  Not to worry.  They can always go into professional cage fighting.


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