Empty Nest

The flat is very empty  now, Sam is on a bus on his  way  to Innsbruck where he’ll be staying with his friend for a  week and Isabel is with her Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, and cousins in Croatia, they drove down yesterday and will be there a week.
Seeing somebody off  at the bus station (Florenc, in this case) is always  an experience, seeing gaggles of tourists, a group of Japanese girls, a somewhat scruffier group of English speakers, mostly Americans, some may have just been  going to Budejovice, a lovely Czech town which was the bus’s first stop, some to Austria and some to Italy, but all moving from one place to another, changing their scene, changing their lives.

Helena commented how much the  bus was like a plane, with the overhead bins, the screen behind each seat for entertainment, there will probably be a stewardess going up and down the aisle offering drinks.  Being a night bus, most people will probably sleep, and wake up tomorrow morning in a completely different city.

To all who  are traveling tonight, wherever you are in the world,  I wish you a safe and pleasant trip.  Good night.


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