Inter-Party Plagiarism

Well, this is just  pure entertainment.  Melania Trump,  in her speech to the Republican convention, plagiarized the living shit out  of Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic convention in 2008.
At first, I  was kind of buying the  Republican defense (One of them, anyway.  There were several lines of defense, and some of them contradictory) that these were just general phrases about values, so it doesn’t really matter.  It’s all kind  of  Miss  Universe fluff, isn’t it? Then I watched  this video:  (video is from The Guardian)

So, the plagiarism is pretty clear.  That leaves me with two questions: how did it happen? and what happens now?

Bearing in mind that  I am not a political insider and am totally imagining this scenario, this is what I suspect  happened:  One of Trump’s semi-disgruntled speechwriters, feeling underpaid and knowing damned well that  this gig is not going to look as good on his resumé as he thought it would, gets a little bit lazy with his  speechwriting.  Who’s gonna  know and who’s gonna  care,  right?

And,  in the  end, he  might be right.  Trump probably doesn’t care.  Everybody  will forget about  this  in  a week.

And that’s my guess  as to what effect  Melania’s plagiarism is going to have on this election.  None at all.  Everybody  will  forget this in  a  week..


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