Slow Day

It was a good day.  Not that I did anything particularly productive.  That’s only half the equation.  Sometimes good things happen to you.  Today, my new book arrived, and it looks great!

So, I took one over  to  Shakespeare and Sons, and stopped at the library to return two of Isabel’s books.  A lovely day of walking across the river and back and then, in the park along the  river next to the Rudolfinum, I was walking  along and looking at all the  people doing different people things, there was a girl in a white summer dress and  wearing a white paper tiara and she looked like an elf and I thought,ah,the future, everybody playing fantasy roles, and  then I saw  a girl sitting on  the  grass wearing shorts and a T shirt and playing  with her dog, and was snapped  back to reality, but a good reality.  I was enjoying life in all its aspects and  congratulating  myself on living in a city which has  such beautiful parks along the river, where  it is cool to walk on a hot  day, and one woman saw me grinning like a fool, or maybe we made eye contact although I wasn’t  particularly trying, and  she smiled  back very sweetly, and that was my day.



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