Spice, meaning hot

On my own today, and I had some stravenky for  lunch ( a wonderful Czech invention,stravenky, restaurant coupons, a lot of companies give them out  to  employees as a perk, Helena gets them), and so I  took a walk in to the center.

I do not know if it is my imagination, but  it  seems to  me the streets  of Prague grow more crowded year on year, and certainly a lot of people were on the streets  of  Karlin today.  Is the population of the Earth increasing so fast that it is perceptible over a short period of time?  It has doubled  in my lifetime, that’s  a fact.  A scary  fact.

I was debating in my head whether to go to KFC or the golden arched behemoth, when I came to a Viet Namese place.  See, on my quest through life, I am always looking  for signs, and quite often they are literal signs.

So, I stepped through  the  door, out of the  stifling, still summer heat into a cool, dark interior.  Actually, it  was kind  of sweaty inside, too, but they had a big  fan  going.

I ordered the Pho, but I was watching  others meals as they arrived and realized I have got to expand  my  reportoire in Viet Namese restaurants.  It all looked good.

Now, one thing about  living in Prague is your tolerance for spicy food slips a bit.  When I was  living in L.A., I loved  the spicy food, mostly Mexican.  I held my own when I was living  in Thailand.  But it’s not a usual thing and you get out of the habit.

Well, today, I got  back in  the habit.  Before I finished my soup my eyes were watering, my sinuses  were clear, and I was sweating more like I was in a sauna than a restaurant.  I felt great.  I’d forgotten how much I like spicy food.


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