A Few Short Thoughts

Condolences to the families and friends of the dead in Munich.  It seems this is at least  a weekly event, now, though.

Just watched a film ‘Shout at the Devil’ with  Lee Marvin and Roger Moore, set in  Africa in WWI.  It was a pretty good  action/adventure  with  a bit  of comedy thrown  in, but that kind of clashed.  You can’t have comedy when a baby’s been killed.
Anyway, I was struck by the casual racism of  it.  I thought “Damn, how old is this film?” thinking really, even for the 60s, yukking it up when Roger Moore smears mud on his face to pass  for black, like the 101 Dalmations rolling in the coal to disguise themselves as Labradors, feels a little  bit tacky.  So, I looked it up: 1976.  I was surprised.

There’s a town in Colorado where  they’ve found THC in the public drinking  water, and authorities are freaking out, telling people to not drink  water  and  not take baths.  Chill,non-stoner people.  If you drink  some water out of the tap, it won’t kill you.  Not  even close.
I  guess it will work out O.K., though.  Some of  the more  inhibited  citizens will, indeed, stick to bottled water and take a day off personal hygiene, while all the hippies are filling their  bathtubs, and kicking back glass  after glass of the straight from the tap  stuff, trying to take advantage of the free  buzz.  As far as water usage  goes, it will even out.



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