What Sanders people  have always suspected has been confirmed.  The lastest batch of e-mails released by Wikileaks (20,000 of the suckers) clearly shows that the DNC rigged the election  for the Democratic  nomination  from the beginning.  They coerced superdelegates, they used DNC funds for  Hillary’s campaign, they plotted to keep negative stories about  Hillary out  of the media, and plotted how to make Sanders look bad in the media.

This is the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, whose job it is to oversee the process and then support the winning Democrat.  They abandoned neutrality.

Now, I can  hear  my  Hillary apologist friends saying  “But that’s the way elections work,” and “It’s an internal party thing, she didn’t do anything  illegal.” I’m not so sure of that, because  they were seeking donations under false  pretenses, but that’s not my main point.

If this had happened on American Idol, the  judges  would all be fired.  If it  happened on Survivor, or in the Miss Universe pageant, or,God forbid,at the Academy Awards, there would be national outrage.  But, since it’s politics, and everybody just expects Hillary Clinton  to be crooked, it’s getting  almost  no press.

But one demographic  is paying attention. Club Sanders can’t help  but  see this is a slap in the face, a kick in the teeth, a “hahaha,  we  don’t care what you think” moment.

Even if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, even if she wins  in  the  general election, she  will not get as high a percentage of Sanders supporters as she thinks.  And the Democrats won’t get us in future  elections, either.


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