Alchemy, September 2016

The Alchemy series of poetry readings recommenced tonight  after a summer recess, so I had a wealth of material to present.  I picked my favorite six poems from all I’d written over the summer and went.

It wound up being  a great evening.  The featured reader had some good lines, there was a good crowd, Anna Marie was back from England and a couple of her friends from there were visiting, quite a few Brit poets tonight actually, Ken Nash  led off the open  mike (yes, that’s how I spell it, because I’m a rebel, yeah) with a series of  fake  reviews of fictional authors which was very  funny, there were lots of new readers, David Stringbreaker totally surprised me with some throat chanting, it sounded like a didgereedoo (not sure  how to spell that), but it was just voice, he  told me  afterward that it  was also  meditative  and a good  physical  workout, I think I’ll  just take his  word for it, and one of the new Brits read an  elegy for his grandmother (if I understood him right) that nearly had me in tears.

My stuff was appreciated O.K., I think, I thought my last poem  was going to be more of a blockbuster than it was, but I suspect the  audience  is a  better judge than  I as to its worth.

On the way home I  walked to Malostranska Metro and then figured what the heck, I’ll walk across the  bridge and catch the Metro at Narodni Třida, it’s yellow line so no need to change, and  then I wrote this poem:

The birds perform a looping flight

above the  Rudolfinum

If you’ve walked across Most Legií at night

I’m sure you must have seen ’em

They drift, pure white, in that glowing light

a sweet, angelic vision


I know they’re just fucking pigeons


and I thought  that was a pretty good end to the evening.



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