The Bundy’s Are Free -For Now

Well, it looks like those good old, gun lovin’, land grabbin’ Bundy boys are going to walk, which leaves me with some pretty mixed emotions. Mostly surprised.
See, I thought they’d been tried and convicted months ago, maybe even a year, I honestly don’t know how long it’s been and I’m not going to look it up, because this is another late night, too stoned and must get to bed blog, and the Bundys’ freedom, while I see it as an injustice and an insult to the intelligence of anybody who actually reads the news, will not particularly affect me, in the short term, anyway.
It does say something about our justice system that they’ve been incarcerated this long and haven’t had a trial yet, although that’s probably their lawyer’s fault as much as anybody’s.why is that necessary? By the time they were arrested, the justice department already had all the information they were ever going to get, and it was plenty because they’d been all over the news for the previous several weeks. What it means is that the feds can lock you up, charge you with something and, no matter how bogus the charges, they can at least keep you in jail for a year or so just dicking around and making you wait for a trial.
But I can’t believe they got cleared of all charges. They couldn’t get them for vandalism? Littering?
Whatever, though. Life goes on and the Bundys are going to go on being idiots, in or out of jail. My guess is that, feeling vindicated, they will continue to commit criminal acts, sort of like George Zimmerman or O.J. Simpson and, sooner or later, like O.J. Simpson, they will do something stupid again and wind up in jail again, because it’s a pattern, and not one they plan to break out of.

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