Free Will v. Pre-Determination

I was just watching Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Worm Hole” and that was the subject, “Free Will v. Pre-Determination” and my own position on the classical dilemma is that it must be more complicated than that.
Because in questions like this, it always is, and it usually comes down to some kind of combination of both.
Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Is Light a Particle or a Wave? Is life better in the city or the country?
False dichotomies all around. Light is made of waves which are made of particles traveling in unison, that’s what a wave is, look at a stadium wave, each person is a particle, but you still get the wave effect. Maybe I’m over simplifying but I’d just call that simplifying. But, I’m going the wrong way. My premise is that it’s more complicated, which means you meed to bring in all the other theories of light and there are plenty of those, for sure.
Chicken or egg? What about dinosaur eggs. Those came before chickens. But, seriously, there were undoubtedly intermittent stages of evolution, where you couldn’t call the creature a chicken, then it was something that resembles a modern chicken but isn’t, then a chicken-like creature and then, eventually, a chicken.
Is life better in the city or the country? Better for who? Better in what way? Isn’t is possible to do both?
So with free will v. pre-determination, I think we have free will as to what we watch on TV, about half the time, depending on who you live with, you have the choice of who you live with, more or less, except for kids, and criminals, and most people at some point in their lives. We have free will over what we eat, barring some severe allergies and cultural restraints. We don’t really have much free will that will actually determine the future. Well, maybe we do collectively, but it just doesn’t seem the human race is interested in working collectively. If not,though, we are pre-determined to fail. Free will could change that. Free will and a bit of common sense.


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