One Door Closes….

…and another opens, as they say, but often as not when one door closes a whole bunch of others open which means you either have to make choices or diversify.
The closing door is a poetry group I apparently have been banned from…I say apparently, because all reference to them has disappeared from my facebook page – I suppose they could have changed their name without telling me, or suddenly ceased to exist, but I consider that unlikely.
Also, the last poem I posted there said bad things about Hillary Clinton and used some bad language, so I reckon that’s why.
No matter. At first, I just brushed it off. After all, I’ve got my poetry readings, so I present my work there, I do short, short poems on twitter, and eventually everything gets collected in books (which make lovely Christmas presents by the way. A book of poetry is not terribly expensive and you can give it to that person you want to convince that you are a deep and sensitive type), so what the heck. But then I wrote a little poem today, not a great one, may or may not read it at the next poetry reading, but had a strong desire to post it somewhere.
It’s like when you’ve been thinking all day of smoking a joint when you get off work and then you get home and don’t have any papers, you WILL go out to get papers, even in a fucking blizzard.
So, I went to Google and typed in ‘facebook poetry groups,’ and found several lists. There are still 4 or 5 ‘pending,’ but for now, Hello Lost Notes and Dreams Poetry Paradox of a Drifting Star, Faces of Poetry, Poetry Universe, Poetry and Stories at Moontown Cafe, 2 a.m., and Poetry and Music. Good bye, Occasional Poems.


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