Talking to the Scientists

Staring at the blank page, must get to sleep soon, up tomorrow at 5:30 for a new class which is seriously going to weird my schedule out because it’s a bit outside Prague to the North, I’ve got 90 minutes there and then have to beat it back into town and all the way down to Haje for my elementary school group.
I’m looking forward to this new group, I don’t have all that many adult classes and they are scientists, I’m teaching them at a research center. So, I’ve got images of weird experiments going on and fascinating conversations, although I’ve taught scientists before, and they are not always great conversationalists. Some are, some aren’t. Same divide as in every other profession.
I don’t know what their field of science is yet, probably something dead boring like counting tree rings or monitoring weather patterns but nonetheless, I look forward to asking them questions about the 234 signals coming from exoplanets, whether or not Solar Roadways are feasible, can floating islands be built which will not only be awesome places to live but also clean the ocean, the future of robotics with special emphasis on digitally downloading our minds into a computer program so we can live forever, Mars colonization and whether or not we could create an atmosphere there by highjacking one of Jupiter’s watery moons, or maybe just an ice asteroid, and crashing it into the planet, how we can save the honeybees, does marijuana really cure cancer, and Alzheimers,and depression, and schizophrenia, and whether computers are making people dumber, or smarter.
I’ll keep you posted.


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