I’m watching ‘Elementary,’ the American version of the 21st century Sherlock Holmes, because cop shows are so damned ubiquitous on TV it’s almost impossible to avoid them entirely, so I try to find some that I can tolerate. This is among that small number.
I prefer it to the British version with Benedict Cumberbatch. I understand that women think he’s hot, but I think the other Holmes (don’t even know the actor’s name)is a much more likable person, and more believable. I also like Lucy Liu as Watson, although I sometimes wonder if there are any other female Asian actresses, because whenever the script calls for an Asian woman, it seems she’s it.
I like the way they talk about AA. (on NA, I guess, Narcotic’s Anonymous, although it’s the same program) It’s realistic.
I think the reason I like it better than most police procedurals (and the reason Sherlock Holmes is such a popular phenomenon in the first place) is that it honors and celebrates intelligence, which is exactly the opposite of 90% of television. Which is part of why I liked Monk, and I find Murder by the Numbers a little bit more tolerable than some others, even though Judd Hirsch and that guy who played Fleischer on Northern Exposure are two of my least favorite actors.
Now, there was a strange and brilliant show, but surprisingly, nobody from that ensemble cast went on to great individual success….no, being a cop on a mediocre cop show is not great success.
Of course, celebrating intelligence is also a hallmark of the Cumberbatch Holmes. So, I can’t really put my finger on it.

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