Sorry, Not Sorry

When I woke up this morning to the realization that a socially maladjusted Oompah-Loompah (and not one of the brighter ones) had been elected president of the United States, my first reaction was surprise. Honestly, for all my railing against her, I thought she had this in the bag. I thought it was going to be a 50 state sweep. I mean, why would she rig the primaries and not the general election.
Also, I thought the outrage over his ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ remark was truly broad based. It turned out to be louder than it was wide.
My second reaction was a twinge of guilt (OMG, they told me I had to vote for Hillary or Trump would win, and they were right!), but it soon passed.
First, even if every single Stein voter across the land had voted for Clinton, she still would have lost. It just wasn’t that close. Secondly, I’m a lot more upset about Jill not getting 5% than I am about Clinton losing. Third, I actually see a couple of bright points in a Trump win.
Of course I know he’s a monster and he will be nothing but an embarrassment for the U.S. (It’s not unprecedented. Italy had Berlusconi, we in the Czech Republic are stuck with Zeman) I am not happy he won. I am, however, happy that she lost.
First, it is absolutely and finally the end of Hillary Clinton’s political career. It is a stake through the heart. She is old, and will never rule the oval office. Her iron clad grip on the Democratic party is over, the myth of her as a brilliant politician is shattered into a million pieces and lying all over the floor. I’ll bet she doesn’t even get $250,000 speech giving gigs from Goldman Sachs anymore, much less any multi-million dollar donations to her foundation from horrible dictatorships. Through, finished, washed up,never to darken American politics again.
Secondly, it means that democracy has survived. However misguided and ignorant the American people are, they voted for Trump and they’ve got Trump. It’s not going to be pretty, but it was democratic. As I said, I expected Hillary to win in a 50 state sweep, but I also suspected that would be due to fraud.
It has often been said that you can reach a close election but you can’t rig a landslide. After all, JFK manipulated the vote totals in Illinois and Texas in 1960, and Bush took Florida and the presidency in 2000.
Up until July 25th, I believed that. But, when it became clear that the people supported Bernie, she increased the fixing until she got what she wanted, but she was forced to do it in such a blatant way that it became obvious, and then she got caught. It still looked like she would beat the short fingered vulgarian (that’s not my line, but it’s a great line) by a massive amount, so I was starting to think “Well, maybe cheaters DO win, sometimes.” But she didn’t.
We will survive 4 years of Trump, I think. After all, he is not America’s first retarded president. That was George, Jr.
If the Democrats want to bounce back in 2020, they will have to do two things (and neither one of them, fortunately, involves Hillary Clinton.) The DNC will have to be insanely transparent, because we’re not likely to trust them again after this year. That’s one. Then, they will have to have a whole shitload of debates. Twenty is not at all an unreasonable number. Open and honest debates, with lots and lots of candidates would be a good place to start. Not only will you be able to do it, without Hillary sucking all the oxygen out of the room, and not only will it lead, sure as an invisible hand, to the selection of a candidate who speaks well and inspires his/her fans to appreciate Ursula Leguin a bit more, but it’s hours and hours of free publicity for your party. Which, this year, you just threw away.



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2 responses to “Sorry, Not Sorry

  1. DW

    I don’t feel bad at all about my Stein vote, though I might if I had come from a state that was close. I guess you must have been a bit sleepy when you put “through away”. I was only half surprised by the results, but I felt a bit sick all day.

  2. Thanks for catching that. I went back and edited it. Most of my blogs are written last thing before bed, so typos do creep in. H keeps after me to do it earlier. I probably should.

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