Pizza Night

Goddamn, but it was cold today. Painful cold. When the sky is assaulting your skin. That’s neither here nor there, this is not California and seasons are to be dealt with and accepted, but I don’t really have to like it. My favorite seasons are spring and autumn, my favorite days are those when the weather is so bland you don’t think about it at all, but can focus on more important stuff.
Shortly before taking Isabel to her street dance practice, H called, office dinner outing, so I had to make dinner. Which is not a big deal, I actually don’t mind cooking, but I do, indeed, hate shopping and that was pretty much part of the deal since we’re out of everything.
At first I thought “Well, we’ll stop at Albert after the rehearsal, no problem” because her rehearsal is kind of in the boondocks of Prague 10 (I think, it might still be Prague 3, I’m not sure exactly where the line is) and I knew of no supermarket within walking distance and any further and I might not have been back in an hour. But, on the way there, I did notice a little grocery store in the housing project we walk through to get there.
My plan was to pick up some ground beef and bread and cheese and make cheeseburgers, the kids don’t complain too much when I do that. Some, but not too much. But, they didn’t have ground beef. So, I bought a couple of instant pizzas instead, just heat, and the kids were very happy. As Sam said (not in these exact words, but close enough I knew exactly what he was thinking) “even you couldn’t screw this up.”
Faint praise but I’ll take it.


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