Vogons and Vulcanns

Friday night, staying up late, but it’s not cool staying up late, just watching TV and writing the blog. I’ve got an interesting idea for a new page and a nice concept for a poem for the poetry reading on the 15th, but I don’t want to talk about either of those until I’ve actually done something about them, and I got very little done today on any front.
Which is fine. So,I guess I’ll just write about aliens.
I saw someone,I believe it might have been on Quora,giving an excellent reason why it might be a good idea not to make contact with aliens,which would be because the first species to develop interstellar travel might have dedicated itself to going around the galaxy and wiping out other developing species before they could become space-going, ergo a threat.
Then there’s the common opinion, i.e. that a civilization so technically civilized must be compassionate and benevolent, although I can’t see anything in our own history that suggests that as a necessary outcome.
There’s one thing I do believe, however, because I’m a glass half full kind of guy and feel it’s only natural, and kind of impossible not to, establish contact with them, if we know they are there. It would be completely against our nature.
I believe that the galaxy (and the universe, of course, but hey, we haven’t even colonized Mars yet, so let’s just talk about the galaxy) is vast, and there are probably new planets evolving technological civilizations all the time.
Some are going to be Vogons, and some are going to be Vulcans.


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