Kind of a Bad Day

Of course, it’s hard to categorize, because every day in our complex, world spanning society contains so much good, and so much bad. Somewhere, a baby is being born. Somewhere, some guy in his garage just invented something that will make all of our lives better. Somewhere,people are dancing.
But, there were three incidences of ‘terrorism’ today. I hate that word. There was nothing similar about the attacks at all, and yet that’s how this day will probably be remembered. The day when there were all of those terrorist attacks.
The first was in Zurich, Switzerland, when a lone gunmen came into a Mosque and started shooting people. Three men were injured, a couple of them pretty seriously. I don’t know if they’ve made an arrest yet, but this sounds like your typical white supremacist bullshit.
Then, the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey. This was maybe the most disturbing, just because there was good film of it. Good film of a man at the point of death. Snuff flicks are now standard on the news. It was also the most clear cut of the three. You know the assassins politics because he stood there and shouted about them until police came and gunned him down.
Then, by far the worst in terms of body count, the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. Just like that incident in France a few months ago, some cretin with a big rig drove into a crowd and killed a whole bunch of people.
What can be done? Well, in the case of the market, maybe events like that should have traffic inhibitors at either end. In the case of the ambassadors’s shooting at the art gallery, ambassador’s should learn not to let people stand behind them.
But, we shouldn’t have to think about that, even, and normally we don’t. But Today was a bad day.

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