Tech Update

I am typing this on my super fast new computer that I got for Christmas. I don’t mean I can type super fast on it; that function, of course, is limited by the speed of my digital appendages, which is limited indeed. It really is much faster, though, everything comes up right away, I can zip through my Facebook feed for the day in an hour or two, and I have more time to actually RTFA, as people keep constantly shouting at me to do.
We are home from the cottage, it was a rainy day but, well above freezing so the roads were not icy at all, which I was worried about. Isabel decided to stay on till Wednesday so, if her grandparents are ready to spoil her for a couple more days, no problem.
Watching Finland-Czech Republic in Junior Hockey (under 20) and so far a 1-1 tie. So, the future of Czech Hockey looks promising. Apparently, our nephew Adam (who is …I don’t know, 6?, plays and we’re going to go see him play some time soon.
As you can see, I have nothing of import to write tonight. You’ve all got your favorite George Michael tunes. Play them.


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