When the Phone Rings, You Answer

This short video ( https://www.facebook.com/patrick.vee/videos/10152842246018352/?pnref=story ) is the kind of thing for which social media was invented. It makes you laugh – I literally laughed till I cried – but it also has a major social point, if you think about it, a clue as to how we must proceed as a society.
It’s an exorcism, filled with appropriate howling and dramatic gestures and mumbo jumbo and jerking around and writhing. I’ve got nothing against it, actually. If it gets rid of your demons, it gets rid of your demons. I know, I know, it’s the placebo effect, it’s like voodoo, it only works if you believe in it, but some people DO believe in it and if it works for them, who am I to mock?
Well, I’m a guy with a blog, my whole purpose in life is to mock, so that answers that question.
About mid-way through the exorcism, the guy’s phone rings. He stops to answer it and the preacher totally loses his cool.
On the one hand, it’s just a funny video of an incongruous situation. It’s a clash of two worlds, the mystical and magical on one hand, the modern and practical on the other. The last thing you expected was for the phone to ring.
Maybe that’s what we need, in this insane world, where so many are so quick to believe so many completely irrational things. We need for the modern world, the real world we are all living in, to intrude.


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