Sci-Fi Festival

Helena and Sam drove up to Mlada Boleslav today, to her sister’s place, and picked up Isabel from there to bring her back, it’s about halfway up to the grandparents, at the cottage.
So, I had a free day, and spent it in appropriate sloth and inactivity. Had a bit of a sci-fi orgy, though, which was cool. Watched about 3 hours, a bit more, 3 episodes and a bit, of Babylon 5.
I remember when it came out, I was real glad that there was another science fiction series out there, sooner or later something has to replace Star Trek, but getting tired of it pretty quick. Not sure exactly why. Part of it is D’Ellen, the Minbari lady who seems to be shtooping the head human. That hair. On her planet, all the women have shaved heads, with that weird skull bone wrapping around like a reversed version of Geordie Laforge’s glasses, and they were weirdly exotic and beautiful in a cold, mysterious way. But she’s got hair growing there, I guess because she’s adapted human styles living among humans, but it was a bad aesthetic choice on the part of the show’s producers. Maybe it’s the bad writing and the over obvious jokes, maybe bad acting all around, maybe a few too many 1950s style sex stereotypes, I don’t know. The plots were good, they had cool aliens, so it sure kept me occupied on a stoned, lazy afternoon but it wasn’t great TV then, and it’s not great TV now.
Then, the show I’d been waiting for all day, Mars. But, they didn’t show the latest episode, it was a previous episode followed by a ‘making of’ episode, followed by a straight up documentary about some Russian probe of Mars. So, I’m a bit ticked off about that. I don’t care what you have to say, Ron Howard! I want my show!


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