What Does Israel Have?

So, some resolution to condemn Israel comes up before the U.N., as they do with great regularity, and the U.S., for a change, doesn’t stand up for Israel. The U.S. says “Nah, we’re gonna’ just pass on this one.”
Benjamin Netanyahu is infuriated. He’s threatened New Zealand with war, if that makes any sense.
About bloody time, is what I think. Honestly, I don’t know what Israel has over the U.S. (Yes, I’ve got a theory. Of course, I’ve got a theory. More on that in a moment.) But, I assume they must have something, because we never vote to condemn them over anything, and they’ve committed some egregious human rights violations, and sometimes those votes are Everybody against Two, the U.S. and Israel, so you know they must be fucking up bad, because Canada ain’t got no dog in this fight. Switzerland ain’t got no dog in this fight. Sri Lanka ain’t got no dog in this fight.
O.K., here’s my theory: the Israelis, of course, know the truth about the U.S.S. Liberty, which was ‘accidentally’ attacked on June 7th, 1967, during the 6 Day War. I put accidentally in parentheses because I don’t believe it was accidental at all. Now, here is where my theory has to subdivide. First, there is the theory that the reason the U.S. always does whatever Israel wants is because they know the truth behind the attack on the Liberty. I will stick to that one even if their connection is somewhat different than follows in my scenario. Basically, I think LBJ hired the Israelis to sink an American ship so he could blame it on the Egyptians and invade the Middle East, securing all those oil fields for his good buddies and campaign contributors at Kellogg, Brown and Root, later Halliburton.
Think that’s far-fetched? Think Gulf of Tonkin incident. Almost the same thing, except the Liberty, quite stubbornly, refused to sink.
Of course, one obvious flaw in this is that the Israelis come out looking bad, too, even if they can lay primary blame at the feet of LBJ. Maybe they don’t care.
Their supporters would still support them. They’re like Republicans, in that way.
I don’t know. That’s just one theory. I’d be glad to entertain others.


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