A Walk in the Woods Between Classes

It turned cold again in the late afternoon, but it was actually kind of bright and sunny during the day. I find the cold wears me down, leaves me fatigued, but a bit of sunshine and I perk right up. I am a heliotrope. (Not too much, though. In the hottest heat of the summer, I seek the shade and long for a day with a cool breeze and a dash of rain. The heat within the cold, the cool within the heat, the contrast, the relief, that’s what I mostly like.)
Anyway, after my gymnasium class, I was about to walk over to the mall and have lunch at McDonald’s before facing the kids’ class that follows. To put it mildly, it’s not my easiest class. But as I stepped out the front door of the school, the beauty of the day hit me right between the eyes and I said “Screw it, I’ll walk” and about halfway there took a detour through the woods. Now, the snow is mostly off the streets and the sidewalks have patches of dirty ice and slush, but there, the trails were all hardpacked with pure white, and you could look down the side trails which, in leafier seasons disappear from vision maybe 20 yards in, but they appeared as long, white, glistening aisles, like in some fantasy castle, and there was an old man pulling a little girl on a sled and it was all lovely. Then I came to the end of the trail, sort of, where I had to turn off anyway, but it was an amazing sight, an eye opener. I emerged from the trees and the view was over a valley and into the hills beyond, and it was fields and forests and there I stood. At the absolute edge of the city.
Yes, there are places it ends that abruptly.

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