Street Dance Show

Went to a street dance show tonight, but it wasn’t in the street, it was in a proper theater, that’s just the definition of the genre, and it doesn’t refer to nice, suburban streets with white picket fences, that’s for certain.
That’s the thing I don’t like about it. They’re trying to be all hood and stuff, twerking and throwing what’s supposed to look like gang signs, I think, it all doesn’t make much sense otherwise.
In one sense it’s sort of a family thing, there are little kids, Isabel isn’t even the youngest age group I don’t think, and there’s an over 40 group. Still, it’s a little bit Miss Sunshiney.
I’ve got no reason to complain, though. Isabel loves it, it’s good, healthy, physical exercise, and I’m sure the kids don’t think of it in those terms, and they probably don’t understand all the lyrics to those songs, hell, I don’t understand all the lyrics to those songs, but the words nigger, bitch, and motherfucker sort of jump out at you. I’m sure some of the older girls know.
I’m not sure if I’m bothered more by the language, in which case I feel myself slipping more and more into the mindset of the generation preceding my own, the sexual suggestiveness of the choreography, which is a judgment call and perhaps as indicative of the mindset of the beholder as anything else, or the casual racism/cultural appropriation , as between everybody on stage and all of us in the audience, I didn’t see one non-white face.
But, I might as well keep my opinion to myself on this one. The women of the family are not putting it up for a vote.

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