Poet’s Choice

O.K., time to start typing been stoned as hell most of the day and procrastinating, did get one cute, little poem written, right in the middle of a joint out on the balcony and the other interesting incident from that semi-excursion into the outside world was I looked down, over toward the parking lot that’s on our right, and there was a guy pissing against a tree.
It was a bit distant, I couldn’t make out details, but he was facing the tree, in that very recognizable stance. The thing that weirded me out about it is that I’ve probably peed against the same tree, I can’t think of any specific instances but we’ve lived here almost 15 years and it’s right beside the paper and plastic bins.
Anyway, the poem I’ve been meaning to write, the poem that I think will be good, and meaningful, is about how most of the matter in the universe is dark matter and yet, we can’t see it and it’s only theoretically there, like it has no mass or something, I don’t quite get that, but the point is, it’s an intangible, as are so many other, very important things: hope, curiosity, ambition, love, and also a lot of negative stuff but I want the poem to focus on the idea that hope, being an intangible item, just like the dark matter dispersed throughout the universe, imperceptible to human senses, is therefore indestructible, but the one that came out is just about everybody in the world being the same so we should all get along and it’s a perky little ditty so I’m pretty sure people will like it.
And which is more important, after all? Writing poems that mean stuff, or writing poems that people like?

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