The Joy of Protesting

What is impressing me (and I am using the ing form quite deliberately here, because this is happening right now)about the airport protests against Trump’s immigrant ban, is the speed with which it all happened.
I mean, yesterday, I hadn’t even heard of the ban, but he signed it and it went into effect and all of a sudden they are stopping people at the airport, people with perfectly valid Green Cards or legitimate visa – in other words, people who had every expectation of landing normally in the United States and being at their home or hotel with a couple of hours of that.
And the protests came, seemingly simultaneously, at JFK, and LAX, and DFW, and MIA, and I’m pretty sure in just about every American city whose airport has international flights. And they waved signs and chanted but they also brought lawyers, and they’ve got some of the detainees out, and the ACLU has brought lawsuits, and there have been court rulings against Trump’s executive order, which DHS is ignoring, and things are escalating, and then I see pouring into town squares, and it’s going to be a serious test of strength.
How did it happen so fast? Well, social media is ubiquitous, but how did so many people get to so many airports so fast? It’s impressive.
My theory is that something happened during the Women’s March, more in the organizing than in the actual doing, but there were a lot of people (this is just my theory, if anybody has more direct insight and disagrees with what I have to say, leave a comment) who found out they ENJOYED protesting, it feels good, maybe you run into some people you know, you vent your frustrations, you feel affirmation, it’s a social event.
I’m not criticizing anybody’s level of commitment, mind you, the fun is in finding like-minded people and expressing yourself, and these are very good things. That you’re fighting to save the world is the cherry on the cupcake.
So, there are a lot of people ready to move at the drop of a hat, pick up their signs from the front hall on the way out the door, and within minutes they’re connected to the movement, they are marching in the streets.
It’s an awesome network, and I hope it continues to expand.


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