The Evolution of My Position

Hillary people just won’t give it up, everybody’s having a perfectly lovely conversation and there’s complete consensus that we all hate Donald Trump and they’ll say something like “Hillary got way more popular votes,” which must make them feel better or something, because it sure as hell doesn’t do anybody any good.
It’s as if they believe that if they whine enough, and find a credible enough scapegoat (No, the Russians did not cause Hillary to lose. Neither did the FBI, or Bernie Sanders – although we Berners may have had some effect) that somehow, their expectations of the universe will be restored and she will magically be the first lady president again, just like you imagined it.
One of her scapegoats, imho the most ridiculous of all, is the press. This is not just absurd and obviously unbelievable, it is ungrateful and classless on her part. The mainstream media did everything they could to get her elected. But, they blew it, too.
Chuck Todd came out with a humdinger of a statement today. I’m paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to flip screens and look up the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of “We didn’t want to report on how insanely unpopular Hillary was in the Midwest because we were afraid that would have been seen as sexist. In reality, we were seeing ‘Hillary for Prison’ signs all down the block.”
So, he’s basically admitting they didn’t do their job. If they’d done their jobs, we might have President Sanders today.
But, there I go, doing the same thing I accuse the Hillary supporters of doing.

So, here’s my compromise proposal: I will try not to mention it first, to keep positive, talk issues, and try to step back from this Hillary/Bernie argument which is getting us nowhere. BUT, if any of you Hillary people post shit, I’ll be right there, blazing away with my metaphorical six shooter.

And that is that.


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