Russia, Russia, Russia

The thing that makes this whole Russia thing so complex is that there’s more than one Russia thing going on, and yet everybody’s just screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” like a bad parody of The Brady Bunch.
First, there’s the election interference charge, which, if it’s just about Hillary’s e-mails being leaked to Wikileaks, is nonsense because Wikileaks said they didn’t get it from the Russians and, if track record is any indicator, Wikileaks’ word can be taken over the New York Times or anybody else. Also, that’s a leak, not a hack and, thirdly, the e-mails did, in fact, prove that Hillary and the DNC rigged the nomination process to cheat Bernie Sanders out of any chance at being the nominee.
Second, there’s the whole thing about Rex Tillerson, formerly of Exxon, being appointed Secretary of State. There is clearly a conflict of interest there, just like with Dick Cheney and Halliburton.
Then, there’s the Flynn resignation, because he almost definitely violated the Logan Act but, if Reagan was never prosecuted over that, it’s likely no one ever will be.
It’s all very confusing and I don’t pretend to have all the facts nor am I going to look them up now, so I am just throwing this out there to see what people think, but it seems to me the third has something to do with the second, and the first was just Hillary’s people whining because they lost.
I think what’s really happening here is a war between competing commercial interests: on the one hand, the oil companies who’ve been ripping off the people and despoiling the planet ever since Henry Ford decided every human being on Earth should own a car, and on the other hand, some other oil companies who’d like to be the ones ripping off the people and destroying the planet. Trump and Putin are reps of Gazprom and Exxon, who are trying to take over the world from Shell and BP.
Either way, the people of the Earth lose.


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