Global Waters

Watching a documentary on global warming and it seems to me, regardless of cause (It’s man made, and it’s all about industry and oil. We could switch to solar and wind, we have the technology. But, that’s not what I want to argue about.), it seems the major, immediate problem is one of water; rising oceans eroding coastlines, the likely loss of Florida, and Venice, and the Seychelles, hurricanes and tsunamis on the one hand, and drought and loss of farmland and famine on the other.
I don’t get this, either. How is it we can have a lack of water in one place and a surplus in another? Do we not know how to move water?
The Romans had aqueducts, canals have existed for thousands of years, and beavers have been building dams probably as long as there have been people on this green earth, proving that the instinct to control water does not even require a human level of intelligence.
We could build a system of water desalination and distribution which would decrease the ocean level and deliver fresh, clean water to all drought stricken areas, strengthening the food supply and reducing hunger, support an industry of fish farming which would have the knock on effect of giving the oceans a chance to recover, and put swimming pools, water parks and fountains all over the place. Coastal cities could build great networks of canals, with a bit of give in the water lever so they would not just be lovely places to build a home, a place where you could have a boat tied up to a dock, but also would serve as a flood control system.
We have the technology.


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