On The Net

A couple of thoughts.
I’m watching a thing on discovery channel called “Alone” and I’ve seen it before but it truly is a excellent series. Like “Mars” it intersperses an action/drama scenario with a lot of scientists talking about the possibilities, but with “Alone,” which is a weird title because it deals with first contact, i.e. finding out that we are not, in fact, alone, there is even a higher talk to action ratio, and I think it would be better to move the other way.
But the main stumbling block for med is this Bridnet, or Quincy, the alien built internet. It’s interesting, the way they describe it, a singularity, a hive mind which is strengthened by each new user and can solve all of Earth’s problems (it shows us the cure for cancer, for instance). They are conflating two completely different things, our reaction to aliens for one and our fear of AI for another.
It’s unnecessary. The development of such a network is already in sight, it is something that almost inevitably happen even without alien intervention. So, it should have a series all its own.
Had a post on my Facebook from a friend I don’t know. He’s been my FBF for a while, he’s a Berner, but it seems to me he sometimes rants rather than argues, and does whatever the digital equivalent of frothing at the mouth is. Anyway, his comment was “I don’t know which of you snowflakes reported me, but…” so I looked at the post and thought “Well, damn, he can’t really be surprised. “It doesn’t contain nudity,” he wrote, but in fact it does. O.K., you can’t actually see any dangly bits, but you can’t see any clothes, either. It is a picture (Photoshopped, obviously) of three biker looking dudes, ‘Bears,’ I guess is the term, bald headed but otherwise extremely hirsute, somewhat overweight, and they are holding a naked (again, no dangly bits but clearly no clothes on) Donald Trump down on a table, and pressing something that looks like a sea cucumber into his belly button.
Well, I’m kind of a free speech absolutist, so I’m not going to report him, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t grossed out.
It reminds me of another censorship controversy, which was maybe 6 months or a year ago, about a French Painting called ‘L’Origine du Monde’ which, if you are describing it in art lover’s terms, is a reclining female nude, but if you’re describing it accurately it’s a huge, black bushed, in your face, twat shot.
I wouldn’t have posted it, not going to share it, going to keep scrolling right on by.
To each his own.


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