One Thing After Another

The ‘incident last night in Sweden,’ as tragic as it wasn’t, has pretty much driven the ‘massacre in Atlanta,’ and even the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ out of the public consciousness.
One thing after another thing, keep the people talking about something new and they never talk about one thing long enough to get to the bottom of it, even something like the ‘incident in Sweden’ where the bottom is about a half inch below the surface.
Did he hire Russian prostitutes to pee on the bed where the Obamas had slept? We’ll probably never know, nobody’s even talking about that any more.
How long can he keep this up? Since there is apparently no limit to the ridiculousness of his statements, and it doesn’t matter a damn if they are true, false, or just completely imaginary, the answer is four years, and it will be a piece of cake for him.
Of course, we can always hope for impeachment, but it seems we’re really just trying to convince ourselves. The Republicans aren’t eager for that. And the Democrats, as always, are being big political cowards and losers. After all, Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the Democrats and she refused to impeach George W. Bush, even after the lies about WMDs, and all the torture. She’s already indicated that she doesn’t plan on impeaching Trump, either.
It is just another indicator, if more were needed, that both parties are the same party, that neither party is working for the American people, much less for a better future for the world.


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