Facebook Moaning

I don’t want to complain too much about Facebook because it seems to me something that people do a lot of, without any concrete suggestions – for instance, I have one FBF who’s is always threatening to quit Facebook, it’s like every other post I see from her, and that’s been the case for over 6 months now, at least.
But, I didn’t watch the SOU speech (although I quite liked Sanders response to it) so I’m sure it will get plenty of analysis from people who were dedicated enough to sit through it, and don’t have anything better to write about, so a bit of Facebook bitching it is, for tonight.
I do not blame Mark Zuckerberg. It is not his fault that, given this tremendous vehicle for social change and reform, people still prefer to watch cute cats and people falling down. I must admit, the video today (or was it yesterday) of Pinky the Cat, who was on some kind of adopt a pet program, and the guy was saying how nice and mellow she was when she flipped out (in a very catlike way) twisting and turning like crazy and, eventually crawling up the announcers leg and causing sever pain, was rather funny in a gee-it’s great-to-watch when somebody screw up in absolutely spectacular fashion.
It’s not Zuckerberg’s fault. People can do whatever they like with this system and, apparently, a lot of people like cats.
There are a couple of features that I really don’t like, though, and one of them is this memories thing. It means that whatever it was, it was posted 3 years ago, at least. The world has undoubtedly changed a bit since I saw it last. So have you. Whatever you posted years ago is probably not relevant now.
It’s appealing to our desire for nostalgia. Maybe I’ve go a chip missing or something, but I still want tomorrow to be great and don’t want to waste time


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