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Without a doubt, my favorite TV series at the moment is “Humans” which is about androids. Funny title, huh? Anyway, it follows Alone (which is about Aliens) and Mars (the only one with an unironic title) in a wave of currently awesome sci-fi series.
Mars and Alone were a bit different, though,in that they used footage of documentary stuff, interviews with today’s totally non-fictional scientists and stuff, and mixed it up with the actual action sequences, whereas Humans is a straight up, traditional action drama, just with seemingly pretty accurate science and a fairly comprehensive, if not in depth, look at the issues. Plus, a large and interesting cast.
You’ve got the Android sex worker, Neska, who snapped one day and killed a client because he was being a bit of a perv, the boy who’s got some android parts, without which he would not be alive, and he thinks of himself as a brother to the androids, the high school geek girl who’s really good at hacking into them, more than one scientist of questionable ethics, her mother the high powered lawyer who at first was freaked out by them but now is practically a part of the robot resistance, in any event she’s Neska’s lawyer, her husband who cheated on her with the family android, the cop who hated androids (his wife is shagging one – yes, shagging – it is a very British program) and then he freaked out a bit when his girlfriend confessed to being one, but he got over it and they’re together now, and shopping for furniture.
Some of the discussions about what it means to be conscious, to be sentient, almost amount to poetry – like teardrops in the rain…time to do type stuff.


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