A Thought on Daylight Savings Time

Another weekend come and gone. Little enough done, I’ve got a poetry reading Tuesday night and nothing ready except a couple of very short pieces, not enough at all.
Last minute cramming has been a lifelong habit of mine, stretching back at least to Junior High and, I’m pretty sure, even elementary school. So, it’ll be all right.

A lot of people on my Facebook feed, probably more than half, are Americans, and a lot of them are passing the day today bitching about daylight savings time. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with them. It seems to me very arbitrary and silly, and if people want to have more daylight in the day, they should change their work hours, or maybe the schools could change their schedule, but doing it across the board is kind of unnecessary.
But, I’d put a pretty low priority on it. After all, any way we choose to measure time, it is arbitrary and man made, yet bound up in tradition and hard to change. Sort of like money.
As far as the horse race question, that is, not whether it should or should not change but just speculating as to whether it ever will, my guess it it’s not going to change any time soon. It’s a bit like the electoral college. Once every four years, lots of people complain about it (generally, everybody who was on the losing side), but then everybody forgets and goes on their way and it does not get changed.
It’s not that big a deal, really. It gives a bit more power to smaller states, which is maybe not such a bad idea, since they are the ones who grow all the food, and have all the National Parks, and they are the places everyone is going to flee to in any apocalyptic situation.
In any event, any politician running for national office knows how it works and can plan their campaign accordingly.
It does not inherently favor conservatives over liberals, old vs. young, or even rich vs. poor.
Summary: I think we could live without it, but it’s not going to change.

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