Monday Movies

I had nothing at all to do today, which doesn’t happen very often, and actually there were one or two things I probably should have done but I brushed them off, and I was struck with a revelation: retirement’s going to work out just fine for me. I’m not going to be one of those guys who has nothing to do with his free time, who is bored and feels useless. There are, in fact, lots of things that I particularly like to do – reading, writing, watching TV, futzing around on Facebook, going for long, pointless walks – which are perfectly acceptable pastimes whose essential requirement is an overwhelming surplus of free time. So, I’m good.
Today, it was an orgy of films. First, there was “The Martian” with Matt Damon, which I’d wanted to see when it was in the theater, not so long ago. Although the bleak landscape of Mars might have been a bit more impressive on the big screen, it was more story than scenery and effects, so TV was just fine.
I remember at the time it was out there were some arguments about whether or not it was scientifically accurate. All I can say about that is that I didn’t find any flaws. I’m no scientist, but I am looking out for that kind of stuff.
That was immediately followed by Captain America, which I totally enjoyed. I usually like Superhero films, I usually like WWII films (but not stuff about the Holocaust…just don’t care to watch stuff like that.), and this was a great combination. It was wildly historically inaccurate. All the stuff with helicopters and jets could be explained away because at Nazi program of super-weapons was what it was all about, and in fact that was what Captain America was,too, but I also loved the ‘uniforms’ of the 107th. Most of them were in plain combat dress but there was the British guy with the twirly mustache and bowler hat, and the French guy with the little cap, and the girl, the love interest, going into battle side by side with the guys but wearing a dress and with her hair flowing in the breeze.
Then we watched a Will Smith thing called 7 Pounds, which my son recommended and I can’t understand why. It was a good film, but usually he likes crime dramas with plenty of violence, and this was not that. I’m not even going to tell you what it’s about, because most of the film was trying to figure out ‘WTF is this guy’s story?’
Summary: Some films need to be scientifically or historically accurate, and some don’t. As long as a film knows what type of film it is, knows where it’s going and doesn’t fool around getting there, it will probably work out O.K.

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