Well, we’ve got an out of town street dance tournament of Isabel’s to go to tomorrow. that should be fun, and I’ve got a poetry reading Monday night that I’ve barely got anything written for, like two really short bits, they have a 6 minute time limit and with what I’ve got written so far, I could be up and down in about 30 seconds, so I’m thinking I’ll try to combine the two activities and write something while I’m sitting and listening to the chosen music of 10 year old Czech girls who are trying to be ghetto.
It doesn’t usually work but I’ve got three or four ideas percolating so maybe I’ll be able to force one of them into shape.
Now, maybe that’s what poetry is. It’s the shape. It’s got to look like a poem to be a poem, otherwise it’s just prose, it must be something because nobody pays a damned bit of attention to rhyme or meter any more.

I defriended somebody today, at least partially due to my own misunderstanding so maybe I’m a bad person, but I’m not trying to undo the damage or regain her as a friend because a) don’t know her in real life so it doesn’t matter much anyway, and b) I’ve got too many Facebook friends as it is, so shedding a few here and there is not actually a bad thing, and c)partially means there is another partially, and the first part was enough right there.
Here it is: First she was bitching about Sanders, saying as how he’d sold out and was no longer a leader of the progressive movement, which is troll talk, it’s bollocks. Who are you going to support, then? You have to go right outside of politics to find anyone purer than the esteemed Senator from Vermont. But, I just added my opinion and moved on. Then, a few posts later, there was a TV interview with a George W., who turned out to be George Webb, whoever that is, and I’d just jumped to the conclusion that she was a right wing paid provocateur. And maybe she’s not.
But, there’s still the Bernie content, and that was enough.


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