Another One Bites the Dust

The tricky  thing about politics is that there are so many different issues going on, and everybody’s perspective is completely different, and even people  who agree with you on most of the fundamental stuff will disagree with you on  some things, because we are all  different people and that  is  both the beauty and the curse  of  humanity.

I just unfriended somebody.  It was the phrase ‘the Jew George Soros’ that did it.  I commented, saying ‘I’m Jewish’ which, in fact, I am (half), although I don’t talk about it much because it really is irrelevant, most of the time.  I’m not observant, I’m a total atheist (because if God exists, like  as a real thing, then what is beyond God, and what is beyond that, and what is beyond that?), and I’m  not  at all supportive of Israel, although I  was in my youth and spent a great deal of  time there.

My kids are not Jewish, because my wife is not Jewish, and we all know how that works (well, most Jewish people know.  It’s a matrilinear culture.  Father’s bloodline doesn’t count.)  This does not bother me.  Judaism has crappy food and boring holidays (except for Purim.  Purim is a blast.)  Hysterical comedians, but you  don’t actually have to be Jewish to get the jokes.  I don’t feel my kids are missing out on anything important.

I also am not a big fan of George  Soros.  Yeah, he’s made a big show of donating money to ‘liberal’ causes, as if that excuses his deliberate wrecking of economies.  I put him sort of in  the same category as Andrew Carnegie.  Yes, the libraries are a good thing, and then there’s Carnegie Hall, but in life he was a cut-throat son of a bitch and if there’s a hell (which I don’t believe), he’s roasting in  it.
If she had said ‘the evil cocksucker George Soros’ I would not have been so  offended, although I imagine some gay men might have.  If she had said ‘the hypocritical walking mound of decrepit, melting flesh that is George Soros’ that  might  be  ageist and appearance shaming, but I’d have  been cool  with it.
But, no.  Her idea of the worst insult she could hurl was ‘Jew’ and so she is gone from my Facebook page.

Free speech is important, it’s not as if I’d report her or anything.  But, life is too short to spend too much time dealing with racist assholes I don’t even know in real life.


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