Bye Bye Bill-O

Bill O’Reilly is finished.  Kaput.  We will not be hearing from  him any more.  Whereas losing politicians seem to hang around and remain influential, a news commentator  without a network is like a pizza without cheese – it just doesn’t work.

I doubt very much that any other network will pick  him up.  If he was  too toxic for Fox, he’s going to be too toxic anywhere else, too.   I suppose he could  wind up at some right wing website like Breitbart or The  Daily Caller, but that  would be a huge  step down  for someone of Bill O’Reilly’s stature.  This was the man who              single-handedly convinced millions of people that there was a war on  Christmas.  Probably his proudest moment.

Of course, his sacking had nothing to do with politics.  Fox  News was perfectly happy to roll  with his ‘war on Christmas’ nonsense, and all  of his hysterically anti-Obama nonsense.  It was the sexual harassment that did him in.

This was not the first  time he’d  been accused of  sexual harassment.  He was not only notorious for  it, he was notoriously bad at it.  Remember the loofah/felafel confusion?  Basically, he  was  talking on the phone to a girl and talking about how much he’d like to use a loofah to jam it up her hoo-hah, which I wouldn’t think is terribly sexy to start  with but at least it has a phallic shape so it’s as good as Bill Clinton’s cigar, I guess, but he  said  felafel, which is deep fried chick-pea balls and salad inside pita bread, basically  a veggie kebab, so that would  be  seriously unsexy and off putting, but he got out of that sexual harassment case by paying the girl a couple of million dollars.

I don’t know  the details of this  case.  Maybe the girl  was asking for more money.  Maybe there was more  than one girl.   Maybe Fox just got  tired of his shit.  After all, there is no shortage of crazy, right wing people willing to say whatever stupid shit pops into their  head while millions of people are listening.
They’ll have him replaced pretty quick  and nothing will change.  Nonetheless, I am happy to see him gone.



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2 responses to “Bye Bye Bill-O

  1. DW

    He’ll probably get a position on Trump’s cabinet. Something like Secretary of the Committee on Sexual Harassment.

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