I was reading an article the other day about the causes of addiction.  It’s an interesting subject, and it’s interesting how often people get it wrong, although I’m not claiming to be  an expert or anything.  Any way, I was prepared to read, and then deliver a scathingly condescending reply, because that’s the way I roll.

But, I found myself  saying ‘Hey, that makes a lot of sense.’  The argument was that the better a life you have, based on what the author called ‘connectivity,’ the less susceptible you are to addiction  of all sorts: drugs, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, you name it.  Big connectivity points were family, children, friends, stuff like that.  A job you  really like and a nice house got you connectivity points, too, I think.

First, as the author fairly pointed out,  if you are happy in your life you’re not nearly as likely to go looking for drugs.  Second, which  was kind of a  surprise to  me, you’re far less likely to get addicted, even if you  do have a wild  weekend with the buddies doing blow in Vegas every now and then

It’s the kind of study that probably could have been done just by accumulation of large  amounts of data, but they did a proper double blind study  and that was the conclusion.

So, it’s psychological after all.  Good  to know.

The main thing I found interesting in the article, though, was the use of  the word connectivity.  It’s true, we’re born connected  into one family and then we start one  of our own, building  new connections all around. We make friends, we network,  we join clubs, we enroll at universities, we align  around various sports teams and we are (in some cases) proud citizens of whatever country we happen to be from.  And we  want to connect  more.

We are scattered all over the place like little  Lego pieces, connecting haphazardly, and in a dozen different  directions, to the  world  we  live  in.  We are gradually  joining these Lego pieces  together  as we  build  a better society.

It’s not just about curing addiction.  It’s about building utopia.


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