Fuck Pence: Impeach

There’s plenty of talk of impeachment, there’s little talk of anything else, and I’m glad to hear it.  I’m very much in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, although I wish it had been done two or three  months ago and for different reasons.

The weekends at Mar a Lago were crime enough, as that’s a clear conflict of  interest right there, and using the office for personal profit.  Perhaps they  should impeach him on mental health reasons, because it’s clear he’s not right in the head.  They should have impeached him for making ridiculous appointments, like Betsy Devos, but instead they went ahead and confirmed her, because they are a bunch of weak-assed losers.   If they subpoena his tax  returns, they can probably nail him on tax evasion as well.

But, they’re going with the Russian angle, and that’s O.K.  It was an ill-considered White House meeting.  He would  have been able to get away with it, because nobody has any proof he gave Lavrov top secret information, except he admitted it on Twitter, because he’s dumber than shit that way.  There’s another reason to impeach: he’s dumber than shit.

I would like to point out, though, that this had nothing to do with the election.  This may have to do with his business connections to Russia (see what Eric Trump has to say about them, boy, those crazy Russians are golfing maniacs, ain’t they?
It’s just because he’s had some shady relations with the land of Dostoyevska and vodka, which so has Hillary Clinton by the way.

I’d also like to respond to those who say “But you can’t impeach Trump, then we’ll get Pence.”  I suspect they are mostly Hillary supporters, if not out right trolls.  I could be wrong on that, it’s just how it looks to me, and if anybody has direct knowledge of the contrary, that’s what the comments section is for.

It’s the difference between Hillary supporters and Sanders supporters.  They voted out of fear, they voted for the lesser  of two evils, and that’s what they’re  saying now.  Sanders supporters have rejected that ‘lesser of two evils’ argument.

The way I see  it, if a president  deserves to be impeached  and doesn’t get  impeached, then impeachment gets that much harder, and the depths of his perfidy may never realized,  and there is an inflation of evil, which seems to exist in the universe in infinite supply.


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