Hillary’s Latest Incredibly Lame Excuse for Losing the Most Winnable Election in History. Not Just American History. History.

As I have said on many an occasion, I thing the whole “Russia hacked the election” charge is nonsense.  Did Russia  force Donna Brazile to feed  Hillary the debate questions?  Did Russia force Al Franken to betray the voters  of Minnesota?  Did Russia force the DNC to nominate Hillary Clinton?  I don’t think so.  I think  it was Hillary  Clinton who  did that.

Nonetheless, I’ve got no problem with investigating it.  Investigations are great.  Investigations can turn up all sorts of stuff.  Maybe they’ll find a bit of spunk on somebody’s dress.  The investigation should be as thorough as possible and as wide ranging as a 100 year flood.  They should investigate it as much as they’ve investigated marijuana.

But, the Russians are not the only ones Hillary has blamed for her loss.  She’s blamed James Comey and the FBI.  She’s blamed Wikileaks, and Julian Assange.  She’s blamed Sanders supporters, and even Sanders.  She’s blamed the Electoral College.  She’s blamed the Electoral College quite a lot actually.  She’s blamed the media, which is absolutely absurd.  The media did everything they could for her, but when you’re having a fund raiser, and the press is not invited, all  the press can report is “Hillary Clinton was at another fund raiser, at another rich person’s house.”

Now, though, I think she might have crossed the line.  (I mean the line that other people care about.  As far as  I’m concerned, she crossed the line in the latter stages of the 2008 primary campaign, with the “We all know what happened in July of ’68” remark, which the press generously allowed her to walk back, but they shouldn’t have.)  She has blamed the DNC for not supporting her enough.

Lady, that is YOUR DNC you’re talking about.  They’re the ones who gave you the goddamned nomination, in case you’ve forgotten.

It’s not just how pathetic it all is, this constant litany of excuses (she would not  last  10 seconds  in pro sports, that’s for  sure).  It’s the absolutely staggering level of ingratitude.

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