Covfefe is nonsense but his supporters don’t care.  He’s just like them.  Occasionally they type something that’s absolute nonsense and makes no sense and they say, haha, got you on that one, made ya look ya dirty crook and the fact of the matter is  they have  no idea what they were saying because when you make a goof like that it’s generally because you’re a bit out of it and didn’t know what you were typing anyway.

I imagine he meant coverage.  What confuses me is that even after translating that word into humanese, the sentence still makes no sense.  Despite negative press coverage what?  It’s as if he started to make some coherent point, like ‘Despite negative press coverage, my moron base still loves me” or “Despite negative press coverage, I really enjoyed riding in a golf court while everybody else walked” or “Despite negative press coverage I didn’t really shove the president of Montenegro all that hard,” or “Despite negative press coverage, the Pope really loved me” or “Despite negative press coverage, Melania holds my hand all  the time, it was really just those two  incidents,” or “Despite negative press  coverage, I didn’t really flip anybody off, I  was  just scratching the side of my face, sort of, with my middle finger.”

But no, he just kind of trailed off after writing covfefe.   Maybe he was tired and sleep-posting.  I’ve done that, sort of.  Maybe it was drugs.  Maybe alcohol.  Maybe he got distracted.  Maybe it’s the Alzheimer’s.  I don’t know.

The other thing is, though, he completely ignored that squiggly red line which not only tells you that you’ve written the word wrong, it lets you know that the way you spelled it doesn’t bear any resemblance to any other known English word.

But, Trump apparently didn’t pick up on that.  Because he’s a moron.


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